Brooks of England B67 Saddle

Brooks of England B67 Saddle


Length: 260mm - Width:205mm - Height:73mm - Weight: 850g - Made in England

They Say - The B67 and B67 S are the modern versions of one of Brooks’s most loved products, the B66 model, first featured in the 1927 catalogue. Classically sprung for supreme comfort, the B67 and B67 S (women’s) feature single instead of double rails for attachment to modern micro-adjust seat pillars. These saddles are the ideal all-rounders for daily city or touring use in a rather upright posture for an altogether more leisurely type of cycling. They are most appropriate for cyclists who set their handlebars higher than their saddles. Offering excellent opportunities to fully observe as well as truly appreciate ones surroundings. In general, the more upright your riding posture, the wider, and more heavily sprung, the saddle you should choose. A greater proportion of body weight is supported by the rear quarter. As more weight is applied to the rear of the saddle this area is therefore wider. The B67 comes in three colours, honey, brown and black.

We Say -There are other ranges of the B67 model such as the Aged B67, which is made from softer leather, Brooks claim this should not need breaking in from day one. It is also laced to prevent the leather sides of the saddle curling upwards as the leather becomes slack over time. There is also the Select B67 model, which is made from tougher organic leather for higher mileage cyclists and features hand hammered copper rivets. This one would take quite a while to break in I reckon.

First impressions were good. You can instantly tell this is a quality product and probably justifies its price tag of £83.56. Brooks saddles are costly, anyone into cycling will know that, but a Brooks saddle is for life if well looked after.

I did not pay this amount, however, as my saddle came on a Pashley Roadster Sovereign I purchased second hand on an auction website. The previous owner had put this on new after the original, a heavier duty model B33, was stolen off the bike.

The saddle comes with an adjustment screw at the front and a couple of very useful hoops at the rear for the attachment of a saddlebag (such as a Brooks Glenbrook). I’ve never quite understood why other saddle manufacturers don’t put these useful hoops on the back.

In Summary - ‘So far, after 3 months, the saddle seems really comfortable. I don’t wear padded cycling shorts on this saddle as the Pashley bike is more of a general transport bike and the rear springs do absorb a lot of the inevitable potholes. I am a big fella, six foot plus, and have not experienced the springs ‘bottoming-out’ as you can get on this kind of saddle. The leather does still need ‘breaking in’, a term very common amongst Brooks saddle owners as it can take some time or many miles before it will fully form to the curvature of the particular riders pelvic bone. I have a lighter B17 saddle on a racer and I think this B67 will break-in much quicker than the B17. Mostly because there is more body weight on the B67 saddle as it is on a more upright bicycle. I think that the B67 is an ideal leisurely transport/commuter saddle but if I were doing a longer ride with my weight more forward I think I would plump for the B17 as its quite a bit lighter and comfortable enough for fast touring.’


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