Brooks of England Glenbrook Saddlebag

Brooks of England Glenbrook Saddlebag


Depth: 160mm - Width: 380mm  - Height: 180mm - Weight: 990g - Made in China

They Say - ‘Millbrook and Glenbrook are original Brooks Saddle Holdalls first produced in the 1950’s. Such designs were originally commissioned to cater for cyclists wishing to transport food, cameras, maps and handbooks and provided sturdy pockets for tools, repair outfits, oil cans and such like. These sympathetically reproduced, most stylish of designs, are suitable for both the tourers and the collectors, wishing to complement their vintage ride. The Glenbrook, which is larger, also features 2 side pockets.’

We Say - ‘First impressions were good with the bag looking stylish and classy. The faux leather appeared very convincing to the eye. When it arrived one of the buckle needles fell off whilst undoing it from the packaging. I did manage to easily crimp it back on with a pair of long nose pliers though.

The bag has plenty of room for a waterproof jacket, D-lock, instant camera, oil bottle, maps and food for a days riding. I could easily fit a smart phone, multi-tool and credit cards into the side pockets. I did find the side flaps on the lid a little annoying as they kept curling inwards at first which made it fiddly to close the lid; this was not a major problem though and stopped after a few days of use.

This is not a bag for the weight conscious rider though, more suitable I would say to adorn your vintage bicycle. When I used it on my racer the bag did suffer from ‘swinging’ when climbing out of the saddle and when I was sat in the saddle the backs of my legs kept banging the back of the bag. I tried adjusting the saddle forward and back but it did not really help matters. To get around this problem I did see on a website that someone had used a bit of 2×3 wood with a cut hole bored through as a standoff spacer and using an old cut down toe strap to size as a seat post strap. It’s a shame Brooks don’t provide a standoff spacer with the bag. When I used it on my roadster the bag sat on the rear carrier, which was fine as it kept it out of the way of my legs, although the post strap would not reach so I used it to strap to the carrier.’

In Summary – ‘The chaps at Brooks sent me this bag stating that it was an exact replica of the 1950’s original, not what they considered to be state-of-the-art technology. They did sound a little unsure that it would stand up to the rigors of our testing…perhaps because the bags are made in China. The stitching on the straps at the back of the bag have started to become undone; I think stronger stitching on the stress points of the bag would help this.

I really wish they did the bag in more colours to match the saddle colours. I have seen on their website that they do leather limited editions in honey.

Overall it seems to be surviving pretty well. I have used it on day rides and rainy trips to the supermarket, filling the bag with shopping. It managed to keep things pretty dry as well.

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